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Do the French have a "Disclosure & Barring Service " ?


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Having been CRB checked 3 times in the past few years connected with my  UK charity and volunteer  work I understand the need for such checks ..

It seems things have moved on a bit  and a new service has been created  The Disclosure and Barring Service  part of the Home Office    I have been  sent  5 pages of a form to fill in ... Some of my volunteer driver pals who are getting on a bit will have also got their  forms to fill in  for this new service . This new service is also requiring  copy of three forms of ID  including one photo ID. Drivers  Licence or Passport 

We also have to make an appointment to be seen in person when producing the ID and to hand in the forms  In my case a 40 mile return journey . I think some drivers  will be seeing this as a decision maker  and  time to pack it in . And  this comes when its hard to get volunteers

 I always thought the French were OTT with their forms ...and ...I got to thinking the lady who turns up to assist in the home of an elderly person in our road and do some shopping  in  the Super U . Will she have to be photographed and Police checked to do what she does in France ?  . Are the UK the only EU country doing this ?

This is the form anybody coming into employment / volunteer  worker contact with  OAP's and children will now have to fill in

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Interesting  Norman

I take it a person can  also be  given a record of their criminal past after a court appearance then ? That,s got to be a cheaper system than a employer having to pay out for checks every time  they take somebody on if the applicant has to produce his or her history  .  

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Unlike the English system where you only have a record if you have done something, in France all residents have a 'casier' . This is one of the reasons for the carte de déjour, or registering with the Mairie, so that you get in the Radar.

At first sight it feels very police state, but it has the advantage that you can show that you have done nothing (that you have been caught for [:)] ) if you are applying for a job or as in your original post working in voluntary positions

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