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Can you give this young lady some advice?


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I was wondering how she got so big living off so little  money. Perhaps she has a medical condition, it is really rather difficult to say anything without knowing the full facts. One issue about being obese, is it a disability, somebody needs to give guidelines on this. One reason an employer might not wish to take on an employee of such size is cost, special chairs, desks, toilets etc which are quite different from those requirements for those who are disabled by way of mobility, sight, hearing etc. Personally however I have always taken the stance that when it comes to employing somebody you want the best person for the job regardless of sex, religion, colour or sexuality. Bit of a tough one really.

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I saw the lady on This Morning. I'm pretty sure I heard polycystic ovaries and a slow thyroid mentioned...Katie Hopkins was her usual assertive self, and actually looked a little muscular around the arms.....a la Madonna...

My daughter is fairly weighty and I used to worry she would be discriminated against, but actually she always seems to interview well and has good qualifications and experience. I can't remember her not getting a job she has been for.

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