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Marie (ex Hester)

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We haven't had a Taxe d'habitation bill for a few years, receiving a letter stating that we benefit from the government's gradual elimination of this tax.

OK, lovely, only now read something which made me realise should perhaps have still been paying TV licence. Not received a facture for this, nor ticked any box to say we dont have a TV. We pay tax each month on our revenue. Looked at govt. websites and it would seem that even if exempt from taxd'hab, still have to pay licence if this is because of govts. 'phasing out.

Anyone have a similar experience., is there an online form to pay? Thanks.


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Yes, tv licence still has to be paid even if no taxe d’hab is required.

I’ve no idea whether or not there’s a form, others will know, I’m sure but a call, email or visit to your local tax office should clear things up for you if not.

They always seem to be so helpful and quickly and cheerfully sorted out a problem I had a few years ago. Good luck!
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Thanks for your replies.

I've looked through everything and at online tax account. Can only think that somehow the tax dept. has missed billing us.

Could you confirm that it's still the case when completing annual tax declaration it's assumed one has a TV unless the box on front page is ticked to declare otherwise.

Regards Marie.
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We use the old fashioned paper forms and have never ticked the box to say we don't have a TV but still don't get billed for it. Maybe a glitch in their system which will be corrected this year. Leave it alone to work itself out in my opinion, of little concern to me since I've completed all the necessary paperwork correctly.

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