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Espionage is, after all, a French word


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François Le Pangouin Hollande has been screaming at the Americans for spying on France, but lo and behold, the luggers are at it in a big way too. Why is one not surprised?

A few years ago the Germans said that the biggest problem they had with spying was with the French, particularly commercial espionage run by the French state.


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I reckon that Hollande has really lost the plot. Wouldn't let the Bolivian plane carrying it's President into french air space, in case the whistle blower was on board. AND yet, he has been having a go at the americans about the things the whistle blower has been saying.

I expect my goverment to spy on other countries, friend and foe. I imagine that they will be spying on 'us' the population too, because they can, and I reckon that all governments, always have spied on other countries and their own populations, democratic or not.

I do get sick of journalists hyping every last bit of non sense up, when there are actually important stories they could actually be researching and reporting on.

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