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In a news article about the fire brigade being called out for people locked in handcuffs etc it states:

Emergency callouts included incidents where men had their genitals stuck in a toaster and a vacuum cleaner.

The brigade urged people to think carefully before calling 999.

I would have thought that they would have thought extremely carefully BEFORE making that 999 call.

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[quote user="Rabbie"]Perhaps they should have thought carefully before putting their genitals into such hazardous situations[/quote]

Totally agree, especially the toaster - what had they done previously to enable them to put their genitals in to a toaster and [:-))] what did they do then!!!!!

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I read this yesterday. Apparently lots of people are getting 'stuck' in handcuffs too, Fifty Shades of Grey was suggested as being the cause, but I reckon it's a full rainbow of stupidity that is more like the truth and a hundred shades of red when they have to make 'that call'.

With the handcuffs at least, I cannot help but wonder if these were acts of 'revenge'[6]

And putting delicate bits in toasters, well, I don't even put my fingers in mine to fish out those pesky pikelets that get stuck from time to time.

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