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I'm a good 30 years(nearly) younger than David Jacobs but I loved his Sunday night programme on Radio 2-such relaxing music to listen to when dozing off. Although I didn't know a lot of the stuff 'first hand' so to speak I remember my Dad singing lots of the songs to me that DJ played. He will be sadly missed.

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I'm another who was sad to hear the news of his death, and remember many of his programmes. It's amazing to think he broadcast for nearly 70 years, starting out broadcasting in the Royal Navy and only retiring last month. He played was what he called 'our sort of music', and I particularly remember him on 'Any Questions' too; a lovely voice and a gentleman.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]No, he had a jury of four personalities, one of whom was a lady from liverpool who had the charming accent. Whatever became of her, I wonder.[/quote]

Wooly is not alone in confusing "Juke Box Jury" with "Count Your Lucky Stars" . Most people I know who recall the programmes make the same mistake. He can check the Wikipedia entries if he is still unsure.

I also recall "Journey Into Space" where David Jacobs was both announcer and bit-part player.

There were some stuffed shirts who objected to him chairing "Any Questions" - they thought that, being a DJ, he lowered te tone of the programme. I thought he was fine and was sorry when he stepped down.

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