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Please help me with my master's degree research :)


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It is my first post here, hope you won't treat it as a spam, but I really need your help. I'm writing my thesis about promotion of Poland before Euro2012, and tourism in the country. I'm doing research with a questionnaire. I need to reach as much residents of France (and Great Britain and Germany as well), as possible.

That's why I'm here. If you could find some time to fill my questionnaire, that would be very helpful for me! Hope, I could find some help on your forum :)

take care!


Here is the link to questionnaire: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1Z9pmuG8ROLeWiN48seKASfsgruUSXxbfdL2fxBfC8wA/viewform
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I followed the link and filled in this questionnaire.  I do like to help students because they should be encouraged in their studies.  This questionnaire is surprisingly well written considering the author is not a native English speaker.

I rather enjoyed watching videos promoting Poland.   I have never considered Poland as a tourism destination but this questionnaire made me think again.

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