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Upgrading to Windows8.1


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Please no comments about install Linux

If you have a Microsoft account then no problem.

If you do not have a Microsoft account and do not want one then:

Allow the upgrade to download

Then disconnect from the Internet

If you do not then the upgrade forces you to create an account and then you will sign on to your computer with the account live and using the account password.

Perhaps the EU needs to take Microsoft to task over this as per web browsers.

I created a very annoyed account and then discovered that my normal sign on password is now no more and trying to think what password I created in my ire at the cheek of Microsoft forcing me to open an account!

Fortunately, we have two computers so it is just the one the OH normally uses
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Hi Paul, thank you for posting this as I am in the throes of getting to use my new computer with W8.

So, what I had better do, I suppose, is to create an account and possibly not use it at all.  It is a mega annoyance as I have had my email address for years and it means that I will now have to change it.  Actually, that's what it means, doesn't it?

Please explain to me the implications now that you have calmed down?[:)]

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Do you use a @sfr.fr address or what? I use a @orange.fr address which I can look at online or use my old Outlook program. Nearly all the email providors allow you access via your browser so I cannot see any reason why you need to change your email address from old to new. Just create the one for Windows then forget about it. Do however write the password down somewhere in case you need at a later date.

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What I meant was that installing 8.1 whilst connected to the Internet you get a screen whereby you would click if you do not have a Microsoft account is greyed out (i.e. non functional) and you have to create an account.

Installing whilst not connected to the Internet does not show the screen.

However, let's say that you have called your computer MyComputer and have given it a password of MyPassword.

When you have turned on previously it will have shown the user as:


and in to the password box you would have put:


But, if you have been forced to create a Microsoft Account, so instance Me@outlook.com with a password of 'MSPassword' this would now be the sign on instead of MyComputer - Microsoft has taken control!

If you have created a Microsoft account then you can still use your existing email address so no worries there. 

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