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Dodgy Christmas Pressies


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Well, its all a bit gloomy and we've all had enough of 'Flamby' etc.  Just thought that I'd provoke a bit of 'discussion' on the above subject.

My 'main' present from one of our sons was 'Derr Wetterstation'. He and DIL reckon that I'm obsessed with the weather, so they bought this thing for me. Put simply, its a digital barometer.  After a week of settling down on our return from the UK, I thought that I'd set this thing up. It took half an hour and all of a sudden I knew everything about current inside & outside temps, barometric pressures, inside leg measurement, etc, etc.

Just one slight problem: yesterday evening, it was forecasting full sun down here for today and (sadly) it has been hissing with rain all day long! At 13.00, 'Derr Wetterstation' finally decided that it was raining. Not exactly Vorsprung dur Technick - good on the current situation, hopeless on the future.

Mrs G, who was persuaded to contribute towards aforesaid Wetterstation (not knowing what on earth to buy me), is less than amused. She reckons that it was bought on an iffy market somewhere and that she's been stitched up by her eldest!!

Furthermore .................. a really nice mug bought by same son, sprung a leak the very first time it was used.  Tea all over the shop.

Any more instances from you?    

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We were bought a humungous hamper by one of OH's sons and it arrived just after we'd watched something on TV about food parcels for the poor!  So now, it's official, we are not above receiving food parcels; take note!

The Chronopost chap actually rang the bell (my experience of Chronopost was very well described on here in the past), so I was very nearly impressed.  I went out to the gate and this chap just flung this massive box on the road outside.  I struggled indoors with it and, being too impatient to wait for Christmas, we opened it all up.

There were a few bottles of wine (Bordeaux with VERY fancy labels), some tins and lots of pots of tea, confiture, different sorts of spreads, tins of rilettes of salmon and the like (no meat as all family knows OH doesn't eat meat) and other jars of stuff which we'd never heard of and haven't yet tasted to date.  The hamper was from a company called Bien Manger with, I think, a branch in the UK although it is an on-line company.

But, talk about taking coals to Newcastle!  Anyway, when OH was rung, he described what was in the box.  Apparently, the son had asked for English delicacies to be sent but the company refused to send English things to France and, instead sent us stuff from various parts of France such as the south-west and Brittany.

Stilll, don't they say that it's the THOUGHT that counts?

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Well that is a company I shall now avoid. What arrogance to not do as the client asks, I just cannot stand that!

Must Edit: I retract that last comment of mine as I have just looked them up and they sell french gourmandise. So maybe I would give them the once over IF that is what we were after.

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Don't get het up Idun.

I can do you a very nice 'Wetterstation' for a tenner + p&p.  It'll tell you what you already know or don't need to know about the weather & other things like barometric pressure.

Contact me quickly to avoid disappointment.   

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Well, we could probably have done with your wetterstation when our presents were handed out....son#2 has arranged, for my present, a very kind and thoughtful gift. Knowing I was hoping to find someone to do me a logo for my new business, he arranged with a good friend of his who is a very successful graphic artist to make me one. He presented me with a voucher for this very service and I was delighted. Here's an example of his work, which is a brilliant watch...


As you can see, he's a talented lad.

So...where's the problem, I hear you ask?

Well, if you watch the video, you'll see him walking into his studio. Which is in Wraysbury. Which is still under several feet of water.......

It looks like I may have to wait a few months for my Christmas present now. [:(] Although that's the least of my (and his) worries!

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