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How rumours start


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Last evening, lateish, I left the drawing room with the TV on loud enough for me to hear and went to the dining room to call my beloved, where the signal is strongest. As we billed and cooed, I suddenly heard an announcement that the French Health MInister had committed suicide in the Elysee Palace whilst waiting for an appointment with the President. Which news I duly relayed to the other party.

Our conversation was full of surprise and wonderment at this news which had actually, apparently, interrupted the the programming that was running.

Imagine my relief and pleasure when I went to the drawing room to find that it was a policier about the murder of the said Health Minister.

Had I not done so, the story would have been everywhere by midnight. This being the way that most journos seem to work these days, particularly concerning l'affaire Rottweiler.

So be warned folks, hearing is not believing!
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[quote user="Pierre ZFP"]

You know, the thing that amazes me with all this is ....[:P]


WoolyB has a DRAWING ROOM [:-))]


Imagine that, a room just for doing your colouring in !!!


I spotted that as well, Pierre....but I think all the colouring he does is by numbers only?[:P]

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