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Synchronized howling


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Generally, if the weather is not too hot or the space is not needed, I take the dogs with me in the car boot. They enjoy it and it gives me someone to talk to when alone.

Today however I had to run the car to the garage for a service so left the little rubbers behind. Only gone ten to fifteen minutes.

On the way back, walking down the hundred or so yards which is my road, I heard an extraordinary noise; not the usual howl and moan when I leave them, but synchronized howling, like a pack of wolves, like a group of ladies deprived of their credit cards. Had the neighbours heard it, they must have been convnced that their end was near, that Baskerville and Baskerville was coming to get them.

It was quite musical though; I swear they were harmonizing, like a barber shop duo.

Now, how much better the Sherlock Holmes story would have been if there had been two hounds out there on the moor rather than one.

Oh well, back to reading.
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