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" I have just won a million dollars "......Or maybe not


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I have just had an email telling me my email address has just won me a $ million ... Some outfit calling themselves Publishers Clearance House

They are asking for Name Address Age Sex and Telephone Number . ( not bank details although I suspect they just might if contacted )

As this Forum is connected to people in Publishing and has our email addresses ......Anybody else had one of these emails ?
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Just like the phone calls to say we had won a gift and needed to come to a certain furniture shop in a nearby town to collect it. Out of curiosity, you had to spend a minimum of €500 on furniture and the free gift was a set of plastic boules which cost around €3 from La Foire Fouille. However, like timeshare tactics, these salespeople know how to work on you so be warned if you don't want to end up spending money you don't have on stuff you don't need which costs ten times more than IKEA.
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Would not expect this company to have anything to do with this but a criminal who has bought a bunch of email addresses that have been grabbed from elsewhere. Send out the email to all those addresses and they then just need one or two to reply and they have succeeded.
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I just had a scam email I haven't seen before, it goes like this


My bank have made the payment and the funds will arrive your bank in 3 days time. Attached is the bank confirmation Swift, let me know if your bank details are ok in the SWIFT

Thank you!

Chen Young
Branch Manager
YangZhou Wells Imp&Exp Co., Ltd
9-525 Modern Square,Wenhui West
Road Yangzhou,Jiangsu. CHINA
Fax: 0086 514 8795 1721 / 0086 514 8795 1752

Now I deal with SWIFT messages every, mainly debugging errors in them, so I checked it out.  It seems that YangZou Wells is a legit company at the address given and they make ....Slippers!  I'm pretty sure I didn'order any slippers from China.  The above message came with a .zip file which contained not a SWIFT message but an .exe file.

Straight in the bin!

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