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I don't believe it ...UK tax disc sales


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[quote user="Frederick"]

How much do you have in your tax disc holder on the windscreen ? Mine runs into 2015 !


I just wouldn't have the brass neck to put stuff like that on for ... SEVEN HUNDRED AND FIFTY QUID?????

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If there is someone prat enoough to part with their pennies then why not sell it. After all a fool and their money are soon parted.

Next thing will be that they reappear at double/treble that price and snapped up. Then who is the prat??

Now the police can spend all their time TRYING to identify the non road tax payers by tying up their computers rather than wandering on their way and glancing into windscreens to see if tax disks were up to date. That will take a boatload of strai off their poor likkle eyes init!!

Just thought though? They wouldn't be able to see the tax disk was missing because they don't wander any more, just ride around in their posh cars [blink]

Edit  :  -  I hope that this is showing properly? On my screen some has vanished off the right

of the screen and I have just started a new line to get this edut all in [:-))]

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ANPR is touted as the miracle answer to policing as it can spot however many thousand cars per hour, allegedly makes no errors etc,

 but it is completely unable to spot worn tyres, overloaded cars or other vehicle defects. It doesnt spot people chatting on the phone,

not wearing seatbelts, not indicating, middle lane hogging, weaving around or any other dangerous behaviour.  The police force....

sorry...service, not force...is becoming less visible on the streets and "crime-fighting" is left to the computers.

And of course, the database will never, ever contains errors will it?

As for the tax discs - I doubt anyone will be buying them just now at these prices, but give it twenty years when most are long binned

and collectors will start paying up for them as period accessories.

Twenty quid for an old airfreshner? There is a thread on another forum I use where people are actually buying these.....

ebay link

...and he is not the most expensive seller on ebay either - they go for as much as £40.

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[quote user="dave21478"]And of course, the database will never, ever contains errors will it?[/quote]

Indeed: it has already been pointed out by various sources (eg RAC Foundation) that this move will result in an increase in the number of cars carrying cloned registrations, which is already something of a problem in France.

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