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UK HM govenment hi-speed broad band roll out


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just watched a HM Govt publicity on Channel 4 regarding hi-speed broadband roll out and how everything will be better - more innovation possible, greater connectivity and how we as Britain will lead the world once again - HURRAH !

All played to a rock song background by one of our great British groups - The Who - and the Title chosen ?

Yes , you've guessed it - "Won't get fooled again !"

Whose brilliant idea was that then ? In touch mandarins in the civil service ? Old Etonian mates running a advertising company ?

You've got to chuckle !

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[quote] as Britain will lead the world once again - HURRAH ![/quote]

Shame South Korea did it all many years ago: emulating la belle France with their roll-out of Minitel (Prestel), the Korean government offered a superb deal in order that all businesses, even one-man-bands were "Wired" to high speed true synchronous DSL.

Furthermore, Korea's cellular service were using pay-by-mobile for small transactions (e.g. bar bills, parking etc) when 3G first rolled out.

Let's face it, Motorola's Codec chips (which enable DSL etc) have been around since the early 1980s, when I was working in Silicon valley on our chip projects: I still have Motorola's Codec handbook somewhere.

Still roll out the band and the trumpets and let's tell everyone how well we are doing, huh?


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OK. I get 22 meg download and 7 meg upload on my Nexus phone on 3's 4g network (and the ability to tether in UK and full use in 16 foreign countries, one of which is France, at no cost except the deduction of minutes from the monthly allowance) for £15 pm u/l internet, 200 mins, u/l texts, no charge 0845 and 0870 numbers.

On the landline broadband (or ''narrowband'' seems more apt) we get 2.5 down, 0.4 up and, basically, a 20th century service for twice the price of the mobile SIM only contract. Now that's what I call sh1t.

In fact, if I could get u/l tethering (limited to 4gb pm) I'd happily pay £30pm and ditch the so-called broadband which we need for the multiple devices and Smart TV services.

So unless your house/office/factory is built on a hub I wouldn't get too excited. Or you have cable.
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