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Paul, Norman is getting along just fine.  He's posted on the Cancer Treatment in France for a couple of days now?

Do keep up, Paul!

Just go there and tell Norman how much you have missed his illustrious presence on the Forum and make him feel appreciated.........[:D][:D]

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Don't let his sobbing get to you; he is being daily massaged by one or more dusky maidens - and that means massaged all over, at the expense of the French State.

But he is on a restricted diet of apple papotte so if you really wanna make him happy, turn up with some decent booze, good shellfish including lobster and dessert. Then sit down and eat it in front of him whilst serving him the apple puree with a small plastic spoon.
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Norman, to show I am not a sadist, I thought you might like some light reading matter, so here is a link to an article on the BBC today. Perhaps you might precis it and translate it into French to keep the old mind working!

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[quote user="Loiseau"]And, Norman, I am glad you are doing so well with the tablet (not tablets, ha ha), if that is the medium through which you are communicating.


Angela, Norman doesn't need a medium to communicate with us!  He's survived, he hasn't "passed" or whatever term that ridiculous women Doris or Dorothy Stokes and her ilk like to use[:D][:P]

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Norman, you need to stop all these rollercoaster rides you take us on............

Better get out of there soon, nice as the view might be.   Wouldn't you like to get back to your old barrel?

Get well soon![:)](encouraging smile)

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So, what are in them messages then, Pickles?

Were they, for example, proposals of marriage?

I don't think Norman's the marrying kind; that is I don't know what "kind" he is but, for your sake, I hazarded a guess, that's all.

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[quote user="mint"]So, what are in them messages then, Pickles?[/quote]

Ah, I could tell you, but then I'd have to take out a contract on your life involving an unfortunate incident in which a field's worth of lavender falls on your head ...

[quote user="mint"]Were they, for example, proposals of marriage?[/quote]

Didn't Jane Austen write something about "It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a barrel, must be in want of a cooper."

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