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Are you on Talk Talk?


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If you have not watched, listened or read the news seems a few million names and bank account details have been nicked from them and customers are advised to watch their bank accounts for unusual activity.




On the BBC news website there is talk about a ransom note.

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[quote user="EuroTrash"]I didn't know Talk Talk operated in France?[/quote]

It doesn't, everybody we know from the UK who visits our region has had problems with the Talk Talk service. Apart from that, watching the CEO today on the news will do nothing to reassure her clients indeed lots of them interviewed are saying they are going to change providers.

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It can't be worse than vodafone. Read the trustpilot site on vodafone, endless complaints and one of them mine. I used to have a vodafone mifi for when I went to the UK, on my last visit I put £20 credit on it the day before I travelled so I'd be up and running when I arrived, but when I got to the UK my mifi wouldn't connect. An hour (literally) on the phone to their "customer services" did not progress beyond, yes we can see that you paid for £20 of credit yesterday, no there is no credit showing on your account today, what do you expect us to do about it? You must have used it, but we can't check data usage. So please go away and stop bothering us.
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