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Saturday nite tele


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Final  -  Strictly Come Dancing.(2 programmes)

Final  -  The Bridge III.(episodes 9&10)


could only happen at the BBC.....Strictly Final (programme 2) BBC1 pitched

up against The Bridge III (episode 9) BBC Four.


breaks you think.....no problem I say.


watched the 1st Strictly outing where all the 4 finalists

performed. Have to say that I thought it was an absolutely stellar

finale performance by Katie Derham as she performed a spectacular

backwards fall into her partners arms from a podium which must have

been at least 2.5 mts in height. (by the way here is a link to an

interview with Katie Derham from the June issue of Living France



the 2nd Strictly outing would be a dance that the

remaining contestants had already aired in earlier shows in the

series it was basically  going to be a repeat programme of previous

performances. These performance are then packed to the gunnells

with visual padding whilst joe public votes for the overall series

winner. So being totally honest here and let’s face it......who

gives a sh*t who wins? At the end of the day it’s just pure



ultimately, it was a no-brainer. Bridge III episode 9 &10.


take my hat off to all the actors and the scriptwriters for

performing and producing another truly epic professional series which was

as usual full of suspense and intrigue as, throughout the 10

episodes, the full extent of the investigation into the atrocities

unfolded. There was also an excellent theme within a theme as the

plight and turmoil of the two main characters also became apparent.

It would also seem that the ending was left with the possibility of

The Bridge IV. Here’s hoping.

And yet another excellent Saturday nite's tele UK style.


above represents some of the thoughts, opinions and television

viewing habits of the op and will remain under the sole ownership of

the op. It is accepted by the op that this ownership may not

necessarily be representative of that of other viewers/posters within

the Living France forum.


any viewer/poster deems the above to carry an unacceptable bias

of favo(u)ritism toward citizens of the United States of America or any other

nationality it is purely unintentional. Also if any viewer/poster

uncovers any subliminal ‘isms’ embedded in the above the op

disowns all knowledge and acceptance of said ‘isms’. Therefore if

any viewer/poster is offended by any bias or ‘isms’ they believe

are found to be present in any of the above text the op would suggest

rather than publish content that could indicate that the said

publisher is a complete and utter 'richard cranium’ and that the

publisher of such content therefore implements the mechanism of the supplied

Report button procedure or better still, they can kiss my a.ss.


& seasons



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I stuck with Strictly - pretty disappointed with the result - Kellie was robbed ! C'est la vie......

SPOTY tonight - I'd like to see Andy Murray win again.....but I suspect I'll be watching 'The Hills are Alive etc. on t'other side......all mind numbing  I suspect anything really good is kept for New Year...


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SPOTY is another rigged show. It even featured a plug on the BBC News today! On the News !!!! We have to choose a winner from a list compiled by the BBC... how fair is that? Now then, do I vote for Lucy Bronze 'cos I'm a ManCity supporter, or Lizzie Armitstead or Chris Froome 'cos I like cycling, or just give in and vote for Andy Murray like everyone else? Reckon I'll watch a DVD instead.
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As one who doesn't have TV in France but does have one in England, where we are at the moment, I haven't watched/doubt I will watch any of the above-mentioned programmes. But I wish happy viewing to everyone on Living France forums.

Merry Christmas and a Happy, Healthy New Year in 2016 to you all.
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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]Don't care who wins SPOTY, as long as it very definitely isn't the mysogynistic, homophobic Tyson Fury.[/quote]

Whatever you and Norman might think, Betty me old sport, Tyson Fury's views represent those of a substantial hunk of the population, roughly corresponding to the UKIP vote. Rightly of wrongly it would be discrimination to dismiss them a homogynistic minority to be stamped on at all costs!!
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I  didn't watch.

'he came a sorry fourth.'

1st Andy Murray         361,446

2nd Kevin Sinfield       278,353

3rd Jessica Ennis-Hill   79,898

4th Tyson Fury             72,330

Not that sorry.  Another 8000 votes and he would have topled J E-H from the podium.

Maybe the tag line should have read  'Week-end tele viewing'? 

regards & seasons greetings


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...just hope the BBCs axe doesn't fall on Wimbledon next !

 I note that the other day it fell on their broadcasting of Formula 1.

Channel 4 are to become the FTA transmitters of this event with the promise of no ad breaks during the race.

regards & seasons greetings


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Don't have UK tv (only TNT) so can't comment on the above! On Sunday we watched a wonderful concert (admittedly recorded) from Arras cathedral by "Les Prêtres" (actually two priests and an ex-seminariam) with a super choir as accompanying them.

Yesterday evening we watched "les Vacances de M. Hulot" - 1953, a classic and hilarious.

Do we miss UK tv ? - no we don't, nor the endless newspapers we felt compelled to read as we had paid for them.  I'd rather read a book.

Get non-French news when we feel like it from radio 4, BBC website and BBC world on TNT.

Keep up the postings folks or we shall all be abolished.

Mrs H

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My heartfelt apologies. He came a resounding fourth, receiving less than 10% of the total votes cast.

1st Andy Murray         361,446......35.8%   

2nd Kevin Sinfield       278,353......27.6%

3rd Jessica Ennis-Hill   79,898......  7.9%

4th Tyson Fury              72,330....... 7.2%

Apologies not necessary.

regards & seasons greetings


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