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a question about Thunderbird


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For the last few days I have had a message when I want to access my inbox.

The message says there is a Thunderbird software updater and would I like to download it.

I have said "non" every time but am I missing something?  Would saying "oui" somehow enhance my use?  Is it safe or prudent to agree to the update?

If I continue to refuse, would this message keep coming up forever and a day?

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I got rid of Thunderbird a few weeks ago. For some unknown reason, which was never replied to when I contacted them, the e-mail header didn't match the actual e-mail. It ended up with me deleting the wrong e-mails at times. Very annoying.

I have now reverted to Windows live mail.
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Can't say I've had any real trouble with Thunderbird but some of that is because I don't fall for the incessant updates, 13 since Oct 2015 !

Currently I'm still on 38.01 and  have no intention of changing until I choose to.

I follow a similar policy with Firefox where I am still on 38.4 because I got sick and tired of the updates breaking my plugins, I tried Palemoon for a while but couldn't really get on with it.

You can directly download any version of Thunderbird here

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Thank you, everyone, for taking the trouble to answer.

To crabtree, I tried your link and downloaded and am still getting the request to update and to "adapt" my hard disk.  So I guess I must have the latest version already.

Ano, I know that is good advice you give because I do have a computer bod come to the house and sort things out from time to time and he always says, when in doubt, do not update.

So I'll stick with what I have.  The messages are annoying but then so are flies and you just swat them away, don't you?[:)]

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I can't think of any reason why Thunderbird would want or need to 'adapt' your HD, or be asking for your permission to do it so you're right to be suspicious.

If it were me I would reinstall the same version from the site I gave you, or perhaps the next version, over the existing one.

I've done that in the past and it's been non destructive, I do keep my emails on their respective home servers though.

I remember the first time I tried TB many years ago when the default setting was to delete emails after downloading so it sucked everything off Yahoo then deleted it all there, I was not impressed !

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