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Rio fun & games?


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Well, t's official, the Ruskies have been banned and a summery of that goes

Cas banned ROC from ROG2016 and Cas said ROC are not eligible to nominate RA for ROG under IAAF rules.

The IAAF said it was pleased that Cas supported its position. [blink]

There, now that has cleared it all up for you, but if you would like the horses mouth version it is here



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Having lived part of my life with an athlete, I can but feel for some of these competitors who have lost the right to go.

 I really do not believe that 'all' the competitors have been up to mischief. And for the honest ones, I do hope that there will be some way of competing.

Mind you, with zika maybe in the long run, these people may have been done a favour?

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[quote user="Chancer"]I think I know what IAAF means but what the **** does Cas, ROC, ROG, & RA mean?[/quote]I think this is the explanation you wanted.

CAS   Court of Arbitration for Sport

ROC   Russian Olympic Committee

ROG   Rio Olympic Games

RA      Russian Athletes

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If you have a read of the link it gives them C and further down there is an explanation of how the goodie ones can compete along with how those nice sporting people in Ruskie Land cheat.

The Russian Olympic Committee (ROC)

Court of Arbitration for Sport (Cas)

Russian athletes  (RA I made that one up [geek] well everyone else was doing it)

International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF)

Rio Olympic Games (ROG  I made that one up too [8-)] but I thought the 2016 would have been a clue?))

It should be a good show, starting with the police welcome at the airport welcoming people to HELL? I haven't liked the Olys for ages and this is just putting me further off them. Rio really can't afford them, but a few people will make a shed load from it while the majority will pay for it. [+o(]

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Tiredness is taking its toll on me, after the explanations of the acronyms I was left thinking what on earth does "C" mean [blink]


I am not on the same page with you humour Wise at the moment!


Customers leaving this morning and I am not recognising them and speaking to them in the wrong language [:'(] I dont like mornings especially when I have to get up early in case others do but of course they dont [:(]

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