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Survival T-shirt


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Jeremy Corbyn has found a cheap place to have them made:

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The 'Why' stage, the fingers everywhere stage, the wanna do everything and cant, the ruining Grumpys garden stage, the utterly charming stage. How old is that?

Do not consider Mr. Corbyn to be a nice guy; he is vicious, motivated and he has the British moneyed classes in his tax sights. His model is Venezuela or the old Cuba.

Using cheap or even child labour would only be a natural step on his road as the ends justify the means.
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Gone home this morning, phew. I am now officially both Grumpy and grumpy.

Trouble is, the next lot wanna spend the night this time next week so pumps have to be manned. Still, only one night.

One of them is very dog phobic so we will have to separate the house into two. I did suggest putting the kid in a cage but that went down like a stone in the sea; the suggestion that drowning was another reasonable option but that was considered pollution.
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I have had protest T shirts printed here in France, the journalistes of the regional paper love me!


Cant recall the company but just Google "T-shirt floqué" and loads will come up, they were good value and cheaper than sourcing from the UK, the actually company behind it was in Poland and they were made and sent from there.


Perfectly happy with them apart from my spelling mistake, writing Democracie instead of Democratie, the papers and the readers loved that although I did get the "Dictature" correct !!!!

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