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Your good friend's OH


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What do you do when you cannot stand your good friends OH, and sometimes really cannot avoid their company ?

I cannot tell two of my friends that I would prefer to never be in the company of their OH's ever again, they seem happy enough with them and happiness is a very good thing.

And maybe they feel the same about mine, we have never discussed this, ever.

This has really come to the forefront of my mind by a couple of things, one being the last time I saw one of these blokes he bragged about what I consider a very rotten trick to someone, which cost this person dearly.  And I have been watching the belgian black comedy The Outlaws.

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I'm in a similar position, though he's not quite as bad as that. But he's always boasting about he got oneup with some french dictator.

 He and my husband have already fallen out once, made it up tentatively.

It's difficult though because she and I are really good friends, but when we're all 4 at a village do they still don't speak to eachother. Had them round for a meal at xmas and he came, but didn't speak.

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