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An Ooops! Moment for Bruxelle?


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Interesting analysis released to day by Civitas.

See Here:

Well, we already knew according to ONS (UK's Office of National Stats) that in the three months running up to the referendum vote, exports to Britain from other EU states were £23.8 billion more than UK exports to EU states...

A moment perhaps for all the sabre rattling hard-liners which include Tusk, Jean Claude the Boozer and not forgetting the myopic Hollande and the delusional Mutti Merkel to think again?

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[quote user="NormanH"]Civitas is a neo-liberal non- think tank, so I would ignore its propaganda.


So are:

IMF: World Bank: OECD: UN; anything funded by Soros et al.

Do we ignore all cogent analysis and dismiss these as "Propaganda"?

Or bother to analyse the output and drill down into it in order to provide valuable critique?

Clearly, Norman, it is an non- disputable fact, the EU states export far more to the UK than the reverse.

Or is this too a Neo-Con, Neo-Liberal, or other biased presumption, or worse, myth?

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