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Opening ODM files in word


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Wooly, are these books or just documents?

If they're documents, you could try downloading something like Apache Open Office, which a quick google suggests should open your documents and, I believe, re-save them for you as a .doc extension, which word should recognise. Of course, it might also hinge on the version of Windows you're now using.

Rather than me trying to explain, as it would be a case of the blind leading the partially sighted, have a little Google by yourself and see if the suggestions seem to mesh with what you can do on your particular system and software.

I have no doubt that this will open the flood gates for real experts to come forth and explain that I'm talking bollox, but if they also have better suggestions, this can only be a Good Thing.
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If you have a lot of documents to convert, there is a free add-in for various versions of MSOffice (Word: XP, 2000, 2003 and 2007) at this web site Word 2010 and later will open ODM files.

As an aside, OpenOffice development has just about come to a halt (and there are reports of it being shutdown) whereas LibreOffice, which branched out of OpenOffice, is in active development.

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