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UK weather & Jaywick


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For those who've seen the news today, and particularly the piece about a place called Jaywick being evacuated in anticipation of a tidal surge, you'll perhaps agree with me that:

A. The temporary accommodation housing the residents is actually an upgrade.

B. A mini tsunami wiping the shanty town from the face of the planet might not be such a bad thing.

It's been blot on the landscape for decades and used to be called simply Jaywick (or 'West Clacton' for those who existed there but wanted to minimise the embarrassment of admitting so) but seemingly Jaywick proper, itself a dump, has tried to further disassociate itself by dubbing it 'West Jaywick'

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We have a house in Southend, not far from there. We had a shop property in Clacton, now sold TG.

All the east coast of the UK is vulnerable, but for different reasons. eg the clay cliffs of East Yorks where the erosion is the most dramatic - houses slipping down the cliffs, onto the beach, then the sea gradually washes them away.

Other parts tend to have more extreme variations of tide level, like the Essex coast.  Huge distances between high and low tide . I don't understand why?

I think the amount of erosion depends partly on the quality of the land, eg rocky, sandy, clay. In my home county of Northumberland there are many sandy beaches and dunes which are slowly receding. Rocky outcrops reducing in size. etc.

Southend itself has a subsidence problem, not too serious as yet.

Sorry to ramble on, this is one of my hobbyhorses.

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From what I understand, provided there is no loss of life, the cleansing of Jaywick would not be altogether a bad thing. If it could be returned to grassland it would make ideal grazing for hobbyhorses who love the salinity and who are finding their range increasingly restricted.

It would be a delight to see the herds of hobbyhorses thundering across the fields chasing stray Brexiteers and Trumpists off their fields and tramping any invasive Corbyninny weeds that spring up.
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Other parts tend to have more extreme variations of tide level, like the Essex coast. Huge distances between high and low tide . I don't understand why


Doesn't that depend on how gentle the slope of the particular beach is, PatF? The more shallow the slope, the further the tide goes out at low tide. Think of Mont St Michel.

From TV programmes I have seen, there seems to be a good spirit among the economically-strapped inhabitants of Jaywick. It seemed a bit like a village, with a certain amount of looking out for one another. So I hope they can recreate that if they are moved somewhere else.

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Well, that's very generous of you Loiseau, but really ......... this place is simply appalling isn't it?

There's only place that I ever 'visited' (in a professional capacity I hasten to add) that came close. It was on the East Coast too, but not Essex, nor the NE. Simply horrible.

The 'Neighbourhood Watch' sign was classic + the spelling of 'Mussels'.

On the video, I could barely understand a word of what was said.
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I would imagine that properties here have been uninsurable since 1953. As such who would buy them, who would want to live there an who in their right mind would invest more than 30p in a property there?

Some of the pictures are very reminiscent of parts of the USA.

Need I say more?
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Contrast it to another coastal village, Sandbanks is it in Dorset? The place where even a beach hut sells for millions.


I can remember when coastal properties were not Worth a lot because of the exposure to the elements, modern glazing, insulation and heating, the second home phenomenon, the silly house price bubble and above all the bankers bonusses conspired to make places like Sandbanks millionaires playgrounds while at exactly the same time social Policy in another area makes a place apparently worthless, its a funny old world!


Take away the properties from both areas and above all take away all the inhabitants and you tell me is one Worth more than the other?


I'm sure the southern coastal climate is more appealing than the north sea but is it really that different? There are sought after seaside towns all along that coast and much further north, Jaywick must be within commuting distance of London, surely land there should be Worth more than Tunbridge Wells.


Jaywick needs Sarkozy to come in and remove all the racailles with a water cannon then it needs Donald Trump to buy the land, build a golf course and a couple of casinos and then see how gentrified it becomes.


Seriously someone is going to make a pot of money in that place, and I'm sure that government funds will flood in (pun not intended) a flood could be just what the place needs, I watched the video and kept reading about the deprivation, I'm not sure what the people are supposedly deprived of.

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