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I've just watched this programme on BBC4:


I was pretty horrified by it - seems these so-called 'songs' are produced by a machine then fed directly into people's  brains via earphones. What happened to music - melody and lyrics? and musicians?

I  probably sound old fashioned, but no wonder many young people can't think for themselves - their brains are being eroded and deadened by things like this.

As well as  the quality of the 'music' - I'm sure a lot of the stuff on Classic FM is electronically produced, it's so repetitive and shallow.

What do you think about it?

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I think that every generation deplores what the next generation listens to. Probably all the way back to cavemen banging rocks together.

My father was a great Tom Jones and Shirley Bassy fan and I admit that it's only recently that I have come to appreciate them

My mother detested well, everything from the 60's onward, calling it 'Boogy Woogy' which is ironic as that was her era of Big Band sound from the States in WW2

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"some of the stuff today does stretch the envelope of what most would even term 'music'" - that's what I was trying to say, Ano.

Leven - I've got an idea of the kind of music that you and your wife like, I agree that's ok, but that's not the stuff I'm talking about.

The electronic stuff is mainly loud repetitive bass rhythm with a few tinkles and blasts of sound mixed in.

Occasionally a voice. People will become brain-dead.

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I remember people saying that about Punk, which now sounds almost middle of the road to me!

My sister explained to me once that the chillout Ibiza type music, which is quite soothing but basically synthesized, was designed to help people chill after their all night parties and while they were smoking their marijuana. However, that's been around for about 25 years now so is hardly new.

All modern recordings are done using not much more than a laptop and a microphone.
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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]@ leven

Shaking Stevens is not 'new' music. You need to get out more.[/quote]

Shaking Stevens not anymore but Danny Brilliant that's the French shaking stevens enjoy

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Oh...that is what you did before becoming a builder. Nice plug for your album Leven. Is it on itunes ? lol

I prefer Joe dessin.


I always sing that when driving up the Champs. Minty must love that song ???

I can actually play that on the guitar ....well a variation of.
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Leven- he's the modern day Maurice Chevalier [:)]

The programme last night ended with a view of people in a club bopping around wearing flashing fluorescent headphones. Feeding the noise direct to their brains.

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