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Why, anyone any idea, why


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 I hear my washing machine's spin cycle finish, usually as I am just about to go out. Think I'll go and peg the washing out. Get to it and it says, 1 minute left, and then the drum starts slowly turning.

It states in this manual that it is untangling..... well my tights are usually well knotted, so that does not work.

In fact it is doing nothing to my washing.

So why doesn't it just let me open it when I hear the spin finish. This is at least the third washer that has done this to me. Drives me mad, stood there waiting and that minute always feels like ten![:@]

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Safety feature, all washers have it, its to be sure that you cannot open the door while the drum is still turning, now a modern machine with all the sensors will know precisely when it has stopped but if an impatient owner switches off the power or there is a power cut? - Thats why they use an old school wax capsule for the interlock which will always take 1 minute after the power is removed.
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Yes, safety feature.  I did write a reply, id, but it seems to have disappeared.

GG's right, I should get someone to put my new posts under the old id.  I have a distinct feeling that sometimes I am Mint and sometimes Mint2, depending on how the software feels or whether I am polite to it.

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[quote user="woolybanana"]How do you know it is a girlie, JJ?[/quote]

Because I married her Wooly [8-|] And that just goes to prove that I have a much better sense of judgment and taste than she [:-))]

The proof being that I chose her and she chose me [8-|]

Football Richard! Kell 'orror mate! I'm English not a forigner after all.

Football managers are all forigners after all init [:'(] There are some rhumours flying abart that Chelski are thnking of buying some English 'players' in the next few years, but the manager don't like employing forigners (to him) ?

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