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Keep Digging Donald


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I fancy that hole that you persist in keep digging Donald seems to be getting deeper and deeper. It started off quite funny in the first instance, the biggest inauguration crowd ever, stating that he won the popular vote, when clearly he hadn't etc. But things now seem to have gotten more serious quite quickly. The investigation into whether the Russians interfered in the US election by the FBI, the sacking of Comey, the alleged memo, and whilst having talks with a Russian counterpart, psst do you want to know a secret.

Things are not looking good Donald, any photos of the wall by the way. Still I expect Theresa will still hold hands with you when you visit the UK, and all the right wing comics will still tell you what a great guy you are. Oh and I expect a certain 'nutty' person will be along any time now on this thread to pledge his allegiance to you.

Boy, the yanks certainly know how to pick their presidents!

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Doesn't sound like many of you have had the pleasure of working for someone like Trump, and it was a pleasure because there was never any shortage of gaffs and contradictions to laugh at, equally we were always constantly bemused at the continuing success of these people, and make no mistake they were hugely successfull and why their customers/investors/lenders never ever seemed to wise up.


But you know what, these types were far more common at the top than those of us who would laugh at their multiple failings. 

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The expression "promoted to the height of his incompetincy" comes to mind.

As far as his earning power is concerned, I remember reading somewhere that the only real try he had at making money was a total failure. I can't remember where I read it though? The money he has was inherited and lets face it, oney makes money don't it!

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Meanwhile, the Sunnydale Hellmouth moves to Mar-a-Lago as a sinkhole appears following a summoning ritual using An Orb.

(added: there are links in that sentence but they don't seem to show?)

I liked some of the Twitter comments quoted in the first article:

  • Social media users, meanwhile, were quick to mock the announcement of the discovery. One tweet said it was “a beautiful sinkhole. The best sinkhole ...” while others questioned whether the swamp was finally draining.

He really is the gift that keeps on giving. So long as none of the gifts are nuclear. [:'(]

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