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The price of wine and bringing back fox hunting


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It is not looking good for May and her Brexit plans.

It seems that since the Brexit vote the price of wine in the UK has increased.


Now, I am allergic to wine (yes you can be allergic to wine) but my compatriots are a nation of alcoholics and is not good news for them.

So I reckon fox hunting and the increasing price of a bottle of wine will stop May and her Brexit plans in her tracks.

The British love foxes and wine so Brexit is finished.

Leven, you can start selling houses in France again.
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Most people I know in the UK do not drink french wine in the UK unless they have holidayed and brought it back. Wines from all over the world are very popular so the only ones who will suffer are the french viticulteurs.

Interestingly, Macron says that no negociation between France and the UK can commence concerning commerce.......... how strange as France sells more stuff to the UK than the UK does to France....... so who will lose out??????? Maybe someone should tell him.......but will he listen...... he seems rather enamoured of his new role!

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Well France is part of the EU and the EU negotiating principles are the same for all member states. No discussion on trade before the rights of EU citizens living in the UK and UK citizens in the EU have been agreed, and until the settlement terms have been agreed. Now whether they will stick to that once the negotiations start we don't know but it would have been very odd for the president of a key member state to go against the negotiating principles signed by his predecessor.

Macron seems to be doing quite well and latest polls suggest he will get a majority in the legislatives. I like him..I think he will be good for France.
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Oooh la.

Lindal, this thread is not about your secret crush of Mr Macron. Anyway, you are too young for him.

It is about how fickle the British can be when voting.

Fox hunting and the price of wine is more important that the NHS, job prospects, house prices and government debt put together methinks.

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My gay friends have a crush on Macron!

Not sure that it is just wine and foxhunting. I have not been a fan of Corbyn but I've been listening to them all over the past few weeks. I was waiting for the manifestos..they appeared. The conservative one was full of waffle and some really nasty policies and absolutely nothing for the NHS, education, disabled people, young people a..it offered no hope except for the dream of brexit. The labour manifesto was more like a typical labour manifesto, but at least it concentrated on the groups that are really struggling even if it is a bit unrealistic. And then I actually listened to JC in interviews. He was lucid, humorous, humble even and came across as authentic..and I started to ask myself whether it would really be that bad compared to the invisible Maybot. So that's me..if many more start thinking like that between now and next week, who knows..

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Suggest you try and understand the word 'irony', ALBF . Most of your comments are simple nastiness without the glorious sense of wit, whit or even whittier. Remember, irony only works if it is capable of being interpreted in more than one way.

Now, Nomran is capable of great irony; in fact most of his posts have double meanings, especially about the election and his beloved Tory party.
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