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Vacant Property Tax in 2005


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Just read in another forum abour a 15% vacant property tax proposed for 2005. This apparently is going to be based on the potential rental income of a property. Does anyone know anything more about this? What if you have no intention of renting your property? (I thought I'd ask the question on this forum as there seem to be a lot of people with the answers on this site!)
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>John/Di - isn't this regional variation
>thing strange. Our Leclerc sells
>Twinings Earl Grey tea,

.....so does Geant! I picked up a pack mistaking it for Assam yesterday so if anyone wants some of this strange smelling stuff just send me your address!

Just found a guy who has market stall in Confolens on Saturdays selling cheddar and stilton to die for.....aaaaaahhhh!

LOL have SIRET but rubbish website!

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The Tesco Organic Porridge is the best there is. It normally has quite a long shelf life, so we are going to buy lots & lots prior to our move at the end of this month.
Could let you have a bag if you really wanted to try it.


John & Sue
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