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residence permit c.d.s


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LAST EDITED ON 01-Mar-04 AT 10:45 PM (GMT)

has anyone got any further details on the editors' comments in februarys French Property News... residence permit..cart de sejour no longer needed due to change in french law ...could we hope this is true............sorry just found some answers after posting.
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Really? I have baked bread since 1976/1977, but there are simply some things I think it is very good for and I like it for toast, but only when it is fresh, which it never is here. I think that english sliced bread has a press it does not deserve. And I for one and sick to death of 'pain anglais' that is a week to ten days old as it is being put on the shelves as part of a 'fresh' delivery here.

When fresh it is also good for sandwiches, there are plenty of 'english' style sandwiches for sale in many outlets in France these days and I can only assume that they sell well.

No I like my sliced bread. I won't say every make, but I do like it.

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