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Kindle/ipad battery life


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Which Kindle are you talking about ?

A Kindle eBook reader is nothing like an iPad at all and comparison of battery performance between them meaningless.

Oh's Kindle is about 4 years old now, gets used for hours every day, and the battery appears to be as good as the day it was new. Replacements are cheap to buy and easy to fit if and when necessary.

Mine gets less use but is about 3 years old nd it's battery is as hers.

Try that with an iPad, if the battery in one of those goes you have to send it back to Apple and they send you another one which they've refurbed after some other sucker poor sucker sent back - and charge you £75 + carriage for the privilege !

Which is it you think you want then, an eBook reader or a tablet ?

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Grumpy, moi ??????????

You'll know when I'm being that I can assure you !

Your batteries will last longer if you put them on charge whenever you have the opportunity.

The only time my L-ion battery powered devices are off charge is when I'm not by a source of power to plug them into.

The very worst things you can do to a L-ion battery is repeatedly fully discharge it or let it overheat, leaving it sitting in a hot car for instance. Charging should not be a problem heat wise and you cannot overcharge them.

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Point of information please. 

Do both kindles and ipads have the L-ion batteries, 'cos I read that it is good to let the battery run down in the kindle (keyboard in my case) 'cos it is different from the battery in the ipad where it is best to keep it semi-charged ... not let it run down but not keep it fully charged either.

Advice on both gratefully received.

As regards the kindle, it does seem happier in warmer rather than colder damp conditions but not at all sure if that impacts on the battery life or not.

I do notice that my ipad charger gets warm when left on, or charging one device after another ... though I have a choice of chargers, I do tend to use the ipad one for all things, not sure if I should or not.

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Yes, all Kindles do use L-ion batteries and running them flat is a very bad thing to do.

Regardless of what Apple advise a L-ion battery is a L-ion battery and even they cannot cheat the technology. The bottom line is the less you use one it longer it will last.

In short a L-ion battery has a finite life measured in full charge cycles.

As a simple example if we say that is 100 cycles if you ran it down completely every day for 100 days fully charging it each night at the end of 100 days it would be spent.

Run it down by 50% and top up and it doubles to 200 days.

Use 10% and top up it's 1000 days

A charger will get warm in use so don't worry about it.

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I have downloaded iOS 11 before the native release on my iPhone 7 Plus. and I also having trouble of after installing iOS 11 Battery issue my iPhone. But i tried given steps and easily get rid of on issue.

1- Disable notifications.

2- Enable power saving mode.

3- iPhone charging comfort zone, Use Original USB cable.

4- Disable location services

And more solution with screen here : https://www.howtoisolve.com/improve-ios-11-battery-life-iphone-ipad/

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@ Another

I have had an Imac now for nearly five years and I would say it is the best and longest serving computer I have ever owned. It has never failed me. All OS upgrades are free. The OS is as simple and as complicated as you want. Apple computers are just suburb. I love them. It is just a joy to use.

Having said that, I would not in a million years buy an iphone or another (excuse the pun) ipad.

But Imacs,.... fantastic.

I would never, ever ever ever ever buy a windows computer again. You are being RIPPED !

My little girl has a chromebook. That is far superior to a windows computer.
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