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Do any of you take endless photos these days, or videos.

I know this makes me sound VERY OLD, but I miss the old days, of saving for a roll of film and then taking snaps and then to the chemist and the wonder of opening the envelope. 

All expensive and photos to value.

On my open up board on AOL, said that the latest thing couples do is take videos in the bedroom........ no not when they are sleeping, and the very idea well, even looking back to when I was young, sounds awful!!

 ps (although recently I have considered recording my husband's snoring, just so he can hear it!)

And back Photos, to the thousands of endless mindless snaps people take these days, I never ever say I will look at someone's holiday snaps any more...... goes on for EVER!!! And I wonder if they ever did really look at some of the wonders of the places visited, other than through a lense.

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