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powerful stuff...and as relevant to the UK as to the US


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What an excellent  speech. About time someone stood up and said something like that.

As for the UK parliament, who has the guts to do it? Something similar needs to be said.

I heard some of TM's speech yesterday, and all she seemed to do was blame the EU for being difficult. What arrogance - why should they be otherwise? The only thing they care about is getting their money then good riddance. The UK was never a full member anyway.

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[quote user="NormanH"]Which government do you claim as 'ours'?


Norman, I use our loosely.  I mean of course our present Tory government for which I didn't vote pursuing policies with which I don't agree.

PS  Can't email you as they have dug up half the roads in our commune and it appears that Orange messagerie has been affected. 

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