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How much do you believe analysts of polls?


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How much is true and how much is skewed in this latest interpretation on, yes, the Brexit question!  No I don't apologise, this remains the hottest topic of the day.

Glad I am well educated and not thick.............[:D][:P]

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The part I can't grasp (must be thick) is why you go to the trouble and expense of having a referendum without knowing what the contract says. Any contract you would pull out of signing if the terms were ridiculous.

It seems making some people actually believe the NHS would receive all that money and all the foreigners would be sent home was all it took so some people had to be simple

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Well that is lovely to have been told by pollsters  who have got so many elections wrong that I am thick!!!

Contracts, well, I will put it this way, as yet, I have not been divorced, and yet, I know lots of very very clever people some close friends, and certainly cleverer than me, who have divorced ............ and they have ended up with a rotten deal. And yet they have survived and usually ended up thriving,  some times having a few hard years.

There was a vote, democracy........... and frankly the choices my fellow citizens have made sometimes in other elections, has appalled me, but there you go.

 I still have no idea why this goes on and on on here. I certainly wouldn't be suggesting that there was another referendum or it was unfair, if the vote had gone the other way.......

.........But as has been decided ...... I am too thick to understand the complexities of it all, or apparently the Great EU.[:D]

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I've never understood what analysts and forecasters contribute to society, but they seem to get rich on it.

You can usually find an analyst to support whatever view you happen to want to find support for. Ditto forecasters, plus they change their forecasts more often that May changes her policies and that's saying something.

Lies, damned lies, statistics, damned analyist and damned forecasters.
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Ask the right question to the right people and you will get the answer you want. Most polls are taken by asking around 1200 people. So ask a load of remainers the right question and the answer will come back that Brexit leave voters are thick, simples.
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What this clearly demonstrates is an inability of most of the population, MPs, Journalists and posters on this board amongst many, to understand statistics and indeed simple English statements.

"Voters for remain tended to be better educated" does not mean:

Anyone who voted leave is a thicky

Everyone who voted stay is clever

Either of them are right.

As chancer so succinctly put it, it matters not a jot now.

We are saddled with the result for good or bad and the only comment we can perhaps make is the David Cameron must rate as one of the most politically inept leaders of the decade and maybe the century - although there are a couple of Iberian leaders currently vying for that position.
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