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Apparently it’s to be a May wedding at St Georges Chapel @ Windsor Castle. Not being paid for out of the public purse either.

Oh good, we’re usually in the UK for my husband’s birthday around then so I’ll be available to go if an invitation should arrive chez-moi, it’s only down the road! ? ?

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Yes, I know and share some of that sentiment.

You are lucky not to have TV because even I caught a few minutes of the "engagement interview" filmed with both of them sitting on a sofa supposedly in Prince H's "cottage" in the grounds of Kensington Palace.

There was his intended, in what I understand to be a very cold November day in London, dressed in a SLEEVELESS green dress and they were talking about roasting a chicken when he went down on one knee and proposed.

Clearly, not everybody in the UK has to choose between heating and eating.  I'd have thought that in the interests of PR if nothing else, it would have perhaps jarred less if they could have worn some Christmas jumpers like that chap from Newsround used to wear....ha, ha!

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Relieved to have moved away from Windsor. Yet another few days of traffic snarl-ups, motorbike escorts and general life-restricting PITA avoided.

By the way, Woolly. A propos de same sex marriages, Elton and David tied the knot next door to the chapel, in Windsor Guildhall, as did Chaz and Cam. Only Elton and David had a bigger crowd of spectators. ?
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