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Watch it Trump, ....


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Mueller is coming for you, you piece of ordure ...


Good luck guys, get the motherless, fatherless lying sob.

Mueller for president. He has what is lacking in US public life, INTEGRITY
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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]I'm not sure that NK Kim bloke is bothered any more about nuking the USA. The Trump team seem to be doing the job for him.

P.S. Where has my curry thread gone ?[/quote]

Someone with no sense of humour spoiled it.

Edit: You must have a copy of the posts if you subscribed to the thread.

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I am far more frightened of Pence than Trump, the quiet man, with the cheshire cat smile always hoovering on Trump's shoulder, and a real fundamentalist christian extremist, from what I have read.

And the smile, well, I imagine, just waiting, for the same fate to befall Trump, as say JFK and it would be divine power that had got him to that position.

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