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Plenty of Money for Bombs...


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...But not the NHS it would seem.


Nice to see the government has its priorities right, go bomb the *%!$ out of Syria, whilst leaving hospital beds closed. Still The Daily Mail readers will looking forward to another war in which the UK is involved, beats the reality of Brexit I guess. It will also gain some brownie points for Theresa from Donny, perhaps they will get to hold hands again, who knows?

A sorry state of affairs when bombs take preference over health, but the British public voted for this government, so I guess they have got what they deserve.

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You obviously believe then that France has the ability to fund its 'bomb facture' if and when Macron orders a military strike on Syria.

French President Emmanuel Macron sharpened his stance Thursday on

possible intervention in Syria, claiming that France has “proof” of a

chemical attack last week and insisting that regimes must be held

accounetable for their abuses.

Macron’s comments were widely

interpreted as moving France closer to joining the United States in a

possible military strike
despite critics’ worries about a reprise of

France’s participation in a 2011 NATO intervention in Libya, which

helped bring down ruler Moammar Gaddafi but left Libya in deep chaos.

Macron’s tough statement contrasted with remarks by major European partners — as well as his own assessment four months ago.

Wouldn't you be better opining on a UK themed forum?

Full article Here.

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Given that the UK and France seem to be equally crawling to trump and the majority of people on here have some, if not more, connections to the UK compared to france then it is a very reasonable post.

Both countries have equally pressing social problems which seem to be minor in the view of the current "leaders" and they prefere to feed those with the money/power to play political games.

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[quote user="richard51"]the majority of people on here have some, if not more, connections to the UK compared to france then it is a very reasonable post. [/quote]

I bow to your superior knowledge, insight and awareness of the majority of forum posters characteristics. Clearly I appear to know jack sh.ite

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Oh shucks Cajal I must apologize for posting in the Other Topics section which states, NON-France related discussion. Place for members to catch-up. Once again humble apologizes.

Yes Macron is at it as well, France usually sticks its nose in other countries business, regardless who is President, just like the UK. Our taxes will be helping to pay for the French bombs that will be dropped, not sure old Maccy is closing down any hospital beds though to pay for them.

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Let's not forget France's links with Syria in a colonial past.

As such she might consider it poking her nose in her own past affairs - much as the UK did in South Africa and today still in Zimbabwe. I condone neither sets of actions, just observe.
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The original post is analagous to the rather fatuous arguement that we should not explore Space because we have not yet finished exploring the Earth. Nonsense, it doesnt work that way except in the mind of lockstep thinkers.

Why not ground the Navy, get rid of all military aircraft, cut the Army to zero because the NHS or even Granny Smith and her bunion have not been sorted? Nonsense.

NHS is a bottomless pit full of waste and underfunding, so sort that by whichever, but do not make Britain defenceless unless you speak Rusdian or are called Corbyn!
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