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Bi-annual time changes.


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As this a whole of the EEU issue I've posted here instead of the France board.

Here is an article regarding the EEU parliaments decision to have voted for a review of daylight savings time.

If, like me, you find the clocks forward and backwards procedure twice a year to be a complete and utter pain in the a.ss then Here is a European Commision consultation on Summertime arrangements.

Here (this link is slower to load than the two links above as it is interactive) is a connected EEU survey where you can vote and express your wishes if you find this annual charade an issue or are at ease with the present arrangement.

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I remember between 1968 and 1971 that people in the UK went bananas when they stopped changing the clocks as an experiment.

We were not in the UK, but read stories about all sorts of problems, including kids getting run over in the dark in the morning.


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[quote user="andyh4"]As opposed to the normal state of affairs where they were run over in the dark of the late afternoon.[/quote]

As it was Britain, I expect people complained about that after the clocks were put back again[:D]

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I really can’t see the clocks changing being anything anything more than a minor inconvenience, certainly not a major pain in anything. I appreciate the extra daylight in the mornings during the winter and the long long evenings in the summer.

If I lived in Spain I might think differently but their problem is that ever since the Spanish Civil War when they moved onto the same time zone as Germany their economy has suffered.
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[quote user="mint"]Me too, radio controled clocks, accurate to the second all year[:)][/quote]

Well, make of this what you want.

A couple of weeks ago I got out of bed at the usual time and on opening the volets I thought that it didn't appear to be as bright as usual.
Went to the kitchen and noticed that the microwave clock was reading an hour earlier than the bedroom clock (radio controlled). Returned to the bedroom and the clock was still reading an hour later than kitchen clock. After much cursing I went and had a cup of coffee.  Later during the day the bedroom clock reverted to the correct time.
And the significance of all this? I've doubled checked the date and it was 28th June, the morning after Germany was knocked out of the World cup. Where are European radio clocks synchronised? Frankfurt.
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[quote user="mint"]
I enjoyed the joke, cajal[:)]  Not sure that you are being factual though![/quote]
Nobody enjoys a joke more than me,mint. However I can assure you that

this obscure event actually happened and that is said with 'hand on


[quote user="mint"]

PS are they going to let England set the clocks after tonight?[:D]


If that were the case and with BigBen out of action for up to 4 years

that would be 'good timing' for the next World cup. Or, perhaps not as the case may be.

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