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Executing the ‘Beatles’


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[quote user="You can call me Betty"]Im a little confused by this. If the UK has revoked their citizenship, then I'm not sure why there's a fuss about not insisting they shouldn't be issued a death penalty.[/quote]

I understand it's to do with the UK's providing evidence to the US which could aid in their conviction.

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I don't mind either.

They lost their right to be classed as human beings when they started acting like monsters.

So why the fuss?

I have read that the UK government would never dare to have a referendum about the death penalty. Dare say a few other governments wouldn't dare either.

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Well I will stick my head above the parapet and declare that executing them would not IMO be a good idea. I can however well understand why many think that it would be good.

My reasoning is based on a number of thoughts and issues.

1. Legal punishment is there primarily as a deterrent to others. Additionally incarceration is to protect the public from the offenders. So will killing these evil people act as a deterrent to stop them doing it again? Clearly no and I doubt that any punishment would achieve that such is the level of the brain washing and degradation into evil. So will it act as a deterrent to others? Again I doubt it will, since anyone brainwashed thus is not going to be influenced by the threat of execution.

2. Indeed it is likely that anyone so influenced is likely to be motivated more - including the perpetrators. I have no doubt that in going to Syria and fighting for and representing ISIS, they fully expected that death would result. The promise of an Islamic Valhalla if killed in combat is an incitement to continue the fight. I would not be surprised to find these individuals still believe the fight is on and if we judicially kill them then mentally they have achieved their final aim. Killed by the enemy. Why give them that satisfaction?

3. Killing them will create martyrs, people that others might chose to emulate - in the knowledge that they too may be killed in battle or if captured killed by the enemy - ergo to be taken to heaven.

So while judicially killing them might give us revengeful satisfaction - that I fully understand and would find difficult not to enjoy myself - I think the better punishment as a deterrent to others at least, would be to keep them alive for as long as we can; in as squalid conditions as are allowed under OUR rules; with the absolute minimum of any privilege as is humanely possible.

That tells would be copy cats, if you get caught, you will slowly rot in a hell on Earth. You will not go to your heaven by dying in the fight against the enemy.

It will also exact a revenge on these brainwashed beasts that will be far more painful for them than execution.

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I have looked at the 'against' argument, but let's face it we cannot help what people choose, or are indoctrinated to believe, so IF they think there is beyond, I don't care.

And if they are kept alive, who is paying for that? There are enough poor deserving souls on the planet, who should be looked after instead of these monsters.

Maybe it is because I am now old, but I am sick to death of pussy footing round issues, I would like to see some proper justice for crimes these days.
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What religious values (christian/etc) come into play in this case?

Think when you are next at your place of worship.

Asking the question "why?" sometimes seems to help me understand things.

NB I'm secular and without any particular historic bias.

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Pork scratchings!

If they are to be executed, let it be done by a woman and let them know this, because that way they cannot go to heaven.

There must be plenty of women in Syria/Iraq who would willingly pull the plug or whatever after the horrors which their loved ones were put through.

Would we have kept Hitler alive had he been captured? What about Eichmann, should he not have been strung up?

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Yes, a woman should be the executioner, that would be good.

Think the pork thing would cause too many problems with muslims and jewish believers, I have friends who are jewish, and do eat pork, because being jewish is not just a belief system.

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How could they ask executioners these days, there are so few????

In the olde days, torture and death sentences were current everywhere and I daresay sensitive souls did not apply for such tasks.

I am pleased this is no longer in the news, hope they are in absolute abominable conditions, living in fear of every sound, and then they are done away with. That would feel like justice served. I don't feel any more than that towards these monsters.

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