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to be read when you can find the time....


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This promises to be full of interesting thoughts and conclusions.  Must admit I haven't found the time yet to read it[:$]  In my ultra busy and thrillingly interesting life in the Dordogne [:P], I am hard pushed to read and give you my informed opinion!!!

So, if anyone does get round to reading it, could you give us a synopsis or even a flavour of the article, svp?[:)]


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Only skim read but

1. From the title: UK thinks that everyone hates them in Europe

2. UK thinks they have lots of power and their history as world leader will continue.

First could be right but wrong IMhumbleO. Second definitely wrong.

How about getting the book in audible format and listen to it as you drive from one appointment to another.

Please don't be too critical of me when you have read it ferch ifanc.
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Hm....some of the conclusions drawn are a bit sweeping to say the least but I'm damned if some of the author's observations do not ring true.

I hadn't fully realised that "don't mention the war" was perhaps more than just a line of dialogue in John Cleese's comedy of Faulty Towers.  But it's not the "losers" in the article that object to mention of the war so much as the "winners".  He may just have a point in saying that we have never got over winning the war.

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He certainly has. There is a whole 'narrative' of England against the rest that goes back to Henry V  and it is constantly reinforced by media stereotyping.
Villains in silly films have a vaguely Germanic accent, and it is no coincidence that films such a Churchill and Dunkirk have been made just recently even if as I see it the real message of Dunkirk was that the UK needs support from other nations..

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It's certainly true that I haven't heard that expression "vassal state" that is being trotted out by certain Tories every 5 minutes since primary school history lessons.

As for loss of sovereignty, take back control, colony of the EU, etc ......what utter guff!  Which of those things do we not already have?

Other terms now in regular everyday use such as fighting for our rights, resisting being dominated, bullied by the EU and so on irritate me no end.  Why does negotiating Brexit need to be couched in these hostile terms?  Frankly some of the language used by the rabid Raab and others does nothing but antagonise all those we are negotiating with.

We need urgently to lose the chip on our collective shoulder.

Sometimes I wish that, like you, I don't have any access to UK TV.  If I didn't live with OH, I think I'd throw the freesat box out the window.

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