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No, not politics but that prat Mick Hucknall.

Thick, ignorant person who made money from a "populist" revolution. Yehhhhh. He too was sent to a posh school. Played in Israel against serious concerns expresses by many and still only interested in making money. Now promoting his recent money making enterprise on, guess who, the BBC.

NB Recently (yesterday) we saw the Queen film at Ciniworld. Used vouchers given to us (plus Meercat offer for 2 to 1) so that actually car parking in multistory car park cost most. Even including a meal at Frankie and Bennies Whilst plainly not chronologically correct the film really showed up how a really good singer/musician didn't think money was the primary objective.


NB 2 not really relevant but for those who do not know: red in the US represents the Trumpian right wing a""holes and blue represents (IMHO) a more humanist approach.

Perhaps it has been confusing in recent years because the supposed democrats in the US have not been socialist at all -Clinton types. Really a**holes.

NB3 Social democrats in Germany are really conservatives - a""holes.

Is this clear?

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you have obviously been listening to that "!!!!!!" Quillan.

Nb not before 7.00 pm when the programme was transmitted. Then rose with OH.

Do you think profiting from gun sales to shoot people behind a barrier whose only weapon is a stone (several hundred yards away and the target is heavily protected) is in any way justified.
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Last time I was here that was months ago I only saw your posts and replies. Thought I would have another look in and this is what I find.. It is very sad that the forum has turned into this.

I wouldn’t say you’re an alcoholic just a complete nutcase.
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[quote user="richard51"]The new posted thread was in parallel to the thread interpreting the yellow jackets by Norman. Do you see the connection?

Unfortunately Nomoss turned it into an insult contest.[/quote]

I think anyone would be hard put to compete with you at that.

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