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Brexit food shortages


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[quote user="woolybanana"]What food and other stuff should one be putting into packages to take to UK in case of food shortages after Brexit?

I thought pasta and sauces, meat products, loo paper, wine etc.

Anybody got any thoughts??[/quote]

Problem is, you'll take a hit at Customs![:)]

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Last week during a very convivial lunch with some old friends I was stupid enough to laugh at the boarders. When I evenutally used their 'facilities' I found what seemed like a year's supply of toilet paper stacked along the wall.
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I think you can save the enormous amount of space you'd require to bring loo roll, Wooly. We have a fair number of UK manufacturers, and I'm guessing we might have found out by now if supply couldn't keep pace with demand, given the amount of excrement generated by this whole débâcle.

And unless you plan on visiting the UK via Italy, please don't bring any disgusting French spaghetti. It goes from rock hard to wallpaper paste within nanoseconds, for reasons I've never fathomed.
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Nappies....HORRIFIC for the environment, WHY any parent would use disposable nappies is BEYOND me!

AND wipes.....WHY??????? No one should use them!

I always have a well stocked home, so loadsa toilet rolls, but thinking back my old Grandma cut up newspaper to use, and if there wasn't anything else I would use that too.

Cajal, if you misthought I am male, I am certainly not!!!

I did say french ones wooly, but heyho, if one has to go commando so be it!
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[quote user="idun"]Nappies....HORRIFIC for the environment, WHY any parent would use disposable nappies is BEYOND me!

AND wipes.....WHY??????? No one should use them...........[/quote]

Totally agree idun.

Stick the baby in the bowl feet first, and flush it. Problem solved[:D]

Remember to hang on to it tightly though.

Wet wipes. Disgusting. Lazy people are ruining the planet - and blocking the sewers.

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[quote user="alittlebitfrench"]Right....

If you are banning nappies then I am banning sanitary towels and incontinence pants. LOL......................[/quote]

Up to you.

It's your kid who will be up to it's neck in them in 50 years' time, not me.

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NB I did say 'disposable nappies and disposable nappies and wipes are toxic.

No parent should be using them. 

And sanitary pads and tampons, well, women do not use them EVERYDAY, just a few days a month and I agree they should be made better for the environment.

There was nothing wrong with cotton nappies. They are bought once, easy to wash and can be used for several sprogs and then cut up for rags when they are no longer needed for their primary use. Frankly cheap too.

If anyone saw the plastic whale, well, just think that could be the next generation of children, full of plastic ........... appalling.

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Hey! Britain is populated by Britons.

Well, mostly.

They managed through two World Wars, and perfectly well before all those fancy EU imports.

Britain produces enough early spuds, turnips, swedes, parsnips, cabbage, cauliflowers and broccoli to keep everyone happy [:D]

They don't need the EU!

And they don't want any more of that spik and dago rubbish!

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What you need to be super careful about is that next time the "Brits Abroad" lobby starts moaning that they've been short changed on their pensions or their winter fuel allowance isn't covering the cost of their Christmas shopping anymore, or their S1 isn't worth a hill of beans, Brits living in the UK might just be even less sympathetic than they are already if they perceive that their overseas counterparts see solidarity as a one way thing ?
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Well according to Farmers Weekly and Country File the UK is only 61% self sufficient and with current stocks and imports stopping on March 29th there is only enough food, they calculate (love to know how they got to an actual day) till August 7 2019 after which they would have eaten the lot.

On a Personal level I am now well stocked with Baked Beans, Bisto Gravy, Oxo cubes and HP Sauce although ironically HP Sauce is actually made in The Netherlands (according to the bottle).

Just to say that historically the UK has not been self sufficient in food since the 1850's. Between WW1 and 2 farming was at it lowest and it was only WW2 and "dig for victory" etc. that raised production levels but at a cost. The cost being that many breeds of animal were destroyed and became almost extinct or even totally extinct because of the drive to breed quicker. Many hedgerows were destroyed as was marshland etc. and still the UK was reliant on imported food from the US, Canada, Australia and other commonwealth countries which the UK no longer has.

Even after WW2 there was still rationing up until 1954 where as liberated European countries saw rationing disappear almost straight away at the end of WW2 because they had excellent farm production to feed the Germans so they simply kept the food to feed their own as the allies advanced. Even so Germany ended rationing in 1948, six years before the UK. Just to say also that rationing quantities within the UK were 50% lower in 1945 than they were in 1939. The only thing not rationed in the UK was fish but if you were a trawler owner you were very brave to venture out to try and catch any.

As to not go starving in WW2 I quote Winston Churchills The second World War (Vol. 2.) "no individual would overly suffer from hunger", in other words people did go hungry but not enough to kill them so to say people didn't go hungry is a myth unless you lived down south and had a garden.
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