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Inside Europe: 10 years of turmoil


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I know I won't be popular for bringing up this excellent 3-parter on BBC 2 but I reckon that I can afford to forego some of my popularity[:P]

What struck me most is the part that May played in the original Cameron negotiations before the referendum.  Now I have often read in the press that May is a remainer and that it has been a mistake to let her lead the Brexit negotiations.  NOT so!  May was always a Brexiteer.

As Home Secretary, she it was who insisted that Cameron included strict curbs on immigration before supporting his Remain campaign.  Do people remember how late she was in openly joining Cameron's campaign and how lukewarm she was when she did eventually come out in favour of Remain?  So, no surprise really that she is not only a Brexiteer but a hard Brexiteer.

Be that as it may, lots of interesting things in the film and 2 more parts to come should anyone be interested.

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