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UK political position - Trump here we come - *** the poor.


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Can the BBC avoid being biased. Who appointed the BBC intelligentsia.

IMHO the BBC is totally biased for the benefit of the (far) right. Looking at "this week" ATM - goodness!

OK lots will disagree but, hey, looking at guests and chair people on discussion programs there is a bias towards the right. Who is appointing the people running the Show? Question Time with Fiona Bruces comments before the show and subsequent denials is pretty obvious!!!

More to worry about: 16 million people will not get what they wanted and a (large) proportion of the 17 million who wanted to leave will disagree with the mode of exit.


When TM says that racism is supposedly more now only because she improved recording when she was Home Secretary really says it all.


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I'm not sure if it's entirely left or right but I've been quite shocked at the tone of the BBC news for some weeks now. The whole Brexit thing has almost excluded all other news. There has, for example, been very little reporting of the gilet jaunes movement. We get precious little news from any other European countries and I've just assumed that it's because it's easier to report in a language that is nearer our own. We quite often get what I would consider to be local American news.
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