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Détendeur butane or propane?


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Can you use a propane regulator on a butane bottle? One is red (propane) the other blue (butane) and there are slight differences in pressure, blue 28 mbar and red 37 mbar.

I have 2 x "la cube butane" gas bottles on the go at the same time and just happen to have a propane regulator going spare. Both blue & red are same size fixing.

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You may get a poorer flame or flaring from using the incorrect reg, probably flaring on your situation if anything at all.  There are many universal regs around now which can do either gas and it's often the jet size at the other end which determines the burn.  Not likely to do anything serious unless as you are using it you observe something amiss in which case you'll probably not continue to use it anyway.

Not much chance in you joining the international space station!

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