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This is regarding you-know-what.

The next thing that I’ll say is that I’m neither particularly pro, nor particularly anti the Monarchy. However ...........

Have we reached the stage where someone needs to step in and say something along the lines of “What the bloody hell is going on here? You really need to get a grip on everything in order to prevent us being even more of a laughing stock than we were already”.

Today’s Chequers meetings are a farce. People like JRM is only interested in getting out at all costs and all the other players aren’t going to openly seek to topple TM because they wouldn’t want an ‘interim premiership’ (it would compromise longer term ambition).

This is an impasse that needs to be broken.

So embarrassed to be British just now.

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Even the Queen must must be aware of the shot hitting the fan and must be trying to work put how how to proceed, even behind the scenes.

One problem is that the alternatives to May are even more divisive, and even worse, the clown and friends who control the Labour party.
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There was a programme about this many years ago whereby the governing party had difficulty in choosing a new PM so opted for an outsider who they thought would not cause any problems. I am, of course, referring to Jim Hacker :)

Perhaps time for the Tories to give Ken Clarke a go.
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