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Well, Mr Bercow is playing a blinder for us 'Remoaners', it's a

good job that somebody is, as sadly we cannot rely on Corbyn, Vince Cable

means well, but hmm...

This afternoon he

announced again in parliament that May cannot try again with her

meaningful vote without any substantial changes. As it is only the date

that has changed, so not substantial enough for JB?


this could now leave the DUP and the Brexiteers high and dry, and

having to accept a soft Brexit, no Brexit, a very long extension or any other version in

between rather than jumping off the cliff, as they prefer. Priceless. Now that May has stated she will stand down if 

her deal passes through the commons, and one can only assume that a

hardliner will take over, will this make the DUP less likely to vote for

May's deal (assuming that one is allowed)? Turncoat Johnson has now

stated that he will vote for it, even though he made some stupid

statement like it being a suicide vest around Britain, and this man

could be the next unelected tory PM, scary stuff.


doubt the weasel government will now be trying everything that they can

to side step Bercow's ruling, even stooping so low as to making Queenie

dissolve parliament and start a new session. But for now sit back and enjoy

watching the Brexiteers shooting themselves in the foot.[:D]

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Yes Bercow seems to be the only one there keeping people grounded, facing reality.
The others just don't listen, too preoccupied with preserving their own egos (and salaries etc.)
And the stupid stubborn woman doesn't seem to realise is that all she needs to do is add to her deal  'Stay in the EU customs union ' and it will probably get through.
But the hardliners wouldn't be happy - they're even more  stubborn .

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