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Before you jump to vote for him just read this with some sort of neutral eye.


Just look at his early years and the fascist ideology. And even what he has done after - what a privileged a**.... .

I'm afraid his rhetoric is in keeping with Trump, Bibi and the rest (including supposed christian Maggie May) of the Western world even though Israel is actually in the Middle East.

Perhaps reading wider than the Daily Mail/ BBC Telegraph/Times will be a good start (eg WB). Keep an open mind.

OK Idun - I know you think I am prickly but I just don't know where to start with your world view of the Palestine issue.

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Oi, luvvy, I read more than enough papers as well as looking at media every day to form an intelligent view, thank you very much.

Nor do I think you should cite Theresa May without including Comrade Corbyn, especially in the light of your comments about Occupied Palestine.

As regards Farage, his record speaks for itself. One might wonder what it is in the British psyche that is making them vote for him. Is it the same appeal as Hitler had? I sincerely hope not.

The Brits are in a very strange mood that I don't profess to understand, disappearing up their own fundaments in the urge to achieve the unachievable ie isolation.

Much of it is down to racism even if unstated. John Snow, I think it was, got hauled a ross the coals for remarking that the great march from the North was almost entirely white. Well, from the newsreels I saw he was right.

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Guardian -centre left but shifted centrist recently

Independent - liberal.

Le Monde ?

Me - ? but not racist/fascist.

Anthos ??? But google isn't exactly left wing is it.

If that is what you are referring to.

Corbyn has only recently had any power - before that he had very little to control so please don't drag old stuff up too much.

The comment of be more cynical in what you read still stands.


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People like Farage get support because the other politicians are weak and he creates the illusion of a 'strong, clear leader ' who importantly offers simple solutions to very complex problems. Usually if they get into power and then inevitably can't deliver then it all goes horribly messy and wrong and so a scapegoat or scapegoats are needed..

Anyway..I think there are a few politicians with the appropriate talents coming forward now.. whatever happens in the European elections it won't help with the brexit dilemma ….and won't make Farage prime minister.. My predictions:

Stalemate regarding brexit..Theresa May eventually resigns..Rory Stewart becomes Tory leader.. General election called.. Tories win and Corbyn resigns. Don't forget he is not young so he won't be Labour leader for ever. I would like to see David Lammy as Labour party leader.. Now that would be a good battle.. Tories with Stewart and Laboour with Lammy.. At least we might get some sensible discussions then.
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Lammy does not have the intellectual weight to be Labour leader. Stewart seems to have the charisma but does he have the rest, I know little about him?

Corbyn wont last long, you are right then maybe the centre left will get a look in and sink the extremists though their Trotskyist infiltration has been deep. The danger is McDonnell who is serious on the extremes of the Left.
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The observation well-known to the world as 'Godwin's Law' states that:

As a discussion on the Internet grows longer, the likelihood of a comparison of a person's being compared to Hitler or another Na3i reference, increases.

How refreshing to have a thread where where we cut to the chase, and the tinfoil hats and swivel-eyes are deployed from the very beginning.

It saves all that tedious and time-wasting foreplay.

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I mentioned Hitler’s apparent charisma and wondered if it was the same as Farage’s, but with hindsight I should have said Mussolini, though Farage has yet to dress up, preferring a public bar populist approach.

Cant play any more for a while dickdick as I have rather a lot of plants to put in and a cunning jigsaw that has kept me from my bed until the wee small hours recently.
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"David Lammy and Rory Stewart? I never thought you had a sense of humour Lindall, respect. "

Lammy is my personal opinion.. I know he is not everyone's cup of tea but I like him and I think he can debate well...intelligent.. However I don't think he is really that interested in being leader of either the labour party or the country, mores the pity.

Stewart on the other hand is something different. If you don't know much about him it's worth reading up..he has a very impressive CV.. it intelligent , persuasive, a very good communicator and on top of that I have never heard anyone say anything bad about him.. even those who disagree with his politics. I'm not a Tory and I don't agree with his stance on many things but I do think he is one of the few people who could succeed at reuniting the country after brexit, in whatever form it does or doesn't take..and for that reason he would have my support.

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