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It would appear that for the European Elections we have a UK vote and a French one.

We’ve done our ‘UK’ postal one - it’ll doubtless provide just a little nudge towards Tory annihilation.

Now, for our momentous vote over here ......... which particular lot is most anti-May here in France, or (most likely) does anybody really care?

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Do you realise that if you vote twice, even across borders the whole thing will have to be run again, and again and again and again......... and that you will be hung drawn and quartered in front of the European Parliament after being made to listen to Eurovision Song Contest songs from previous years on a continuous loop.?

Or, have to listen to a continuous loop of Farage’s speeches!
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Being hung, drawn & quartered would be blessed relief after either of those two forms of torture.

That’s a pity about not being able to vote twice. I was looking forward to the wine & pizza that they usually lay on up at the Mairie !

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