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I saw my neighbour for the first time since his wife died today. It came up in the conversation that instead of things being simpler after the death of a spouse that in fact everything was harder to sort out now since the rules changed.
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>I saw my neighbour for the
>first time since his wife
>died today. It came up
>in the conversation that instead
>of things being simpler after
>the death of a spouse
>that in fact everything was
>harder to sort out now
>since the rules changed.

Sorry to come across dumb, but someone has to ask. What has changed, and since when. Apologies if I have missed a post somewhere.
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TU. Do you have further info. I only ask because my friend's husband died back in March and she couldn't have found it easier to sort out the affairs here and she is english,not a local.This affects us all,whether resident or holiday home owner so all info gratefully received to add to the fountain of knowledge.
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